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I drink a lot of caffeine, I tell funny jokes sometimes, and I tend to live by the notion of "the more Gaga, the better".

Why? I never felt welcomed. I always felt rushed. I never felt like my artistic ideas were met. So I started doing my own thing.

I overeducated myself and over researched everything involving nails before I ever even thought of this as a possible career. It was all just for fun. I am a very crafty person and always pick up random hobbies but after a couple months of them, I move on to something else. Doing nails was the only hobby that truly stuck and did not phase out of my life.

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I only need coffee on days that end with "Y"

 My little pot full of magic!

Don't sweat the technique! 

Nails. The one thing in life you can get into shape without exercise.

#Nailthoughts is life. 'Nuff said!

I legit don’t leave home without it!