Listen, take a pause in looking for instagram strategies for 2020 and read this, because I really think that if you are a business owner, and ESPECIALLY a beauty industry professional, tiktok should be your new home. So let me break down why.

2. Okay, I hate to say it, but we knew this day would come…  *ahem*- Instagram’s organic reach is down. Like. Way down. But listen! We knew this would happen! This day was bound to come! Just like it happened to facebook.  It’s all good though! It’s not the end of the world! Those apps are still great platforms for us, and there are other ways to drive traffic to your instagram, and guess what the best one is right now? Tik tok. Listen! One of my tik tok’s went viral after just 1 month of having an account and boom, an explosion of DMs and followers and likes all flooded my instagram. “Hey I found you on tik tok!” “Hi omg I love your tik toks!!”. And by viral, I mean viral. Like millions of views viral. 3.5 million views (and counting) viral. Tik tok’s organic reach is unreal right now, and if you aren’t taking advantage of this, then you might regret it if it ends up becoming the new instagram…

Pictured: my TikTok page showing you the number of views my videos have been getting.

2. Get inspired again! It’s a new way of getting creative, just like how instagram was back in the day. Instagram was all so new to us, right? The filters, the artsy pictures, the model poses… it was like we all became the Tumblr photographers we always dreamed of being. I know you agree!!  So Tik tok is SO FREAKING FUN, and quick, and snappy and it’s the total opposite of instagram in a sense that it is so much more raw. Nothing is over edited, over produced, and frankly over thought. It’s such an amazing way for us beauty entrepreneurs to show off our daily lives in such a different and more real way. You can get so much more creative with the ways you showcase your work and processes with this app to a whole NEW set of eyes as well as your current audience. Which actually leads us to number three… 

Pictured: a screenshot of a TikTok I made of doing my own nails that has over 100k likes. WHAT.


 3. YOU CAN RECYCLE YOUR  TIK TOK CONTENT. I know you have been in an instagram slump before where you just don’t know what to post, you are uninspired or you are just tired of posting the same thing over and over again. Well guess what. When you start making your tiktoks, you are going to automatically have so much more to transfer to your instagram page when you feel uninspired. It’s so refreshing for you but also for your current ig audience as well! You can start bringing that raw unedited footage to  refresh your instagram page and spark up some new attention there! It’s all good things!

Pictured: My instagram feed with the tiktoks on my page helping break up the content and make my posting life easier!

Listen, these are only three important reasons why you need to download this app, and I could go on and on, but I have a feeling that the second you read the first reason you may or may not have rushed to download the app right then and there. I see you ;) Now GO play around on it! Sincerely, your beauty business fairy god mother. 


Ps- find me on TikTok @nailthoughts ❤️ 

Xo, Katie Masters


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