I know as beauty industry people, we are so trained to post the same type of thing over and over again. The same hair shots, the nail shots, the eyelash extensions, whatever it may be! We have literally been trained to believe that these are the types of shots that people want to see and that we HAVE to keep for an aesthetic feed. But the feed aesthetic is over now and think about it, if everyone else is doing and posting the same thing, then how are you sticking out from the rest? I mean hello??

Now is the time more than ever to start changing things up and adding more flair, more of your personality, anything! It’s so important to add these things into your social media because truly YOU are the one that makes yourself stick out from your competition. 


So here are a few ideas to sprinkle in to your instagram feed today!


First of all step one, get on twitter right now! I know it may seem like it’s too late or whatever the excuse may be, but think about this for a second: How many book marked tweets on instagram do you have in your saved folder right now? How many funny tweets have you exchanged with your friends in the dms? Do you see how powerful they can be? And how much it’s serving you giggles, motivation, inspiration, etc.?? All you have to do is type out a tweet, screenshot it, and post it to Instagram. BOOM. You just achieved so many things with that post. 
        1. You sprinkled your OWN personality into your page
        2. You brought a different type of value to your audience whether it was a funny tweet or inspirational, or whatever. It brought value! 
        3. You gave your twitter more exposure too, so if this tweet gets shared a bunch from ppl that felt what you were saying, then your name, your twitter, and your instagram are now being broadcasted to so many other followers and possible future clients/audiences!



Tik tok is amaaaaazing for your instagram feed, especially because videos are great ways to bring some more sass and movement to your feed. Whether it be a behind the scenes video of you working, a quick fun tutorial, or even a dance video, it brings SO much more engagement than your average static photo. They add so much more of YOU and your personality to your page, and the best part about it is  that you are just recycling content you posted on another platform already! Like hello, no need to spend all that time editing because boom, it’s already done. I highly recommend this!!



This is so major first of all because if you don’t know who you are trying to attract to your page, then who are you posting for?? The more you can harness your audience and figure out who you are trying to attract (ex. Future clients, fellow industry people, etc) then you are just going to be shouting from the top of a mountain trying to be heard. If you have basic captions that aren’t speaking to anyone, then guess what, you won’t attract anyone. Start niching your audience down and figure out what THEY want to hear and change your captions and verbiage for THEM. 


And there you have it! Three VERY EASY THINGS to start implementing to your 2020 social media strategy like, today. I hope this helps you out.




Katie Masters

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