Do you ship internationally?

No, not yet! Unfortunately, I think there are some restrictions about sending nail glue internationally that I need to do research on how to handle!


Are your press on nails reusable?

Yes! Best news ever! You can either wait for them to come off on their own (I personally think this is the easiest way), or soak your hands in warm soapy water to loosen the tips and wiggle them off! The water soaking could take up to 40 minutes to really loosen, and you will want to use the wood cuticle stick supplied in your kit to help get the nail separated from the tip.


How else can I remove these nails?

You can either do the soaking in warm water method as mentioned above in order to reuse them, or if you are not planning on reusing them, cut the nails down and soak them in acetone. Start by buffing the shine out of the surface of your nail design, and then once it's all roughed up, the acetone will penetrate much quicker. The glue and nails will melt when exposed to acetone.


How many times can I reuse these nails?

As many as you would like! Just make sure and use the buffer and/or file I supplied you in your kit and buff away the excess glue build up on the inside of the nails before you reuse them! Makes things easier.


How long do these nails typically last?

I usually like to say up to two weeks, but I have had some people have them last about a month! It all depends on how well and how thorough you are following the press-on instructions supplied! The more exact you can get with your sizes and prep work, the better the results!


How can I clean these nails? 

Warm soapy water works great! Feel free to use rubbing alcohol as well to wipe down the surface of the nail. That helps get rid of excess oils and helps make the nails shiny again!