Online Gel Manicure Course

Online Gel Manicure Course

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you have been having problems getting your client’s gel manicures to last without breaking or chipping. Or maybe you have been having lifting issues with your clients and can’t figure out why it keeps happening. Or MAYBE you are always wondering how people can get their clients nails to last longer than two weeks without having to cross their fingers and toes and hope for the best.

And all of these gel manicure issues are causing a ripple effect in your business! 

  • Clients aren't happy and therefore you are losing them as a customer.
  • You are possibly getting negative word of mouth and/or bad reviews scaring future customers away.
  • No customers = no money being made!
  • And of course this is so important because if you can't figure out what you are doing wrong on your clients and continue on this way, you truly won't be able to sustain a successful business!

Here's what you need:  An easily digestible online class to watch on your own time to give you that lightbulb moment on exactly what you are doing wrong with your gel manicures and how to easily fix it.

And here we are...   This class is dedicated entirely to prep and foundation work of the gel manicure process because truly, that’s where most of the gel manicure mistakes happen. Once your foundation work is off, the longevity of your gel manicure goes down the drain. This class goes over the most important do’s and don’ts of the gel manicure process as well as two demos to watch and learn from.


In this class we go over these key points:

  • Differences of nail products and how that affects the gel manicure longevity
  • My gel manicure process and how it promotes long lasting gel manicures and healthy nails
  • Common gel mistakes that you might be making.
  • How to properly apply tinted base gels.
  • Prep work demo- a demo on how I remove gel and cuticle with an e-file and prep the nail for smooth application every time
  • Base application demo: a demo on how to build the nail with base coat giving it an apex and strong hold 

After this class you should have the strongest foundational knowledge on how to properly pick products for your clients' nails and be able to confidently take on any natural nail gel manicure that the salon life throws at you. You will be able to spread all of your new knowledge to your clients to educate them on why your process differs from others to the point where they couldn't imagine trusting anyone else with their nails.


  • This class is made for beginner to intermediate nail technicians.
  • Each video of this course has start to finish accurate closed captions!
  • If you are an at home gel mani DIYer and have plenty of gel manicure experience and knowledge already, then this class is ALSO great for you! 
  • This class is not for people with no gel knowledge as it does not go over the basic knowledge about gel. It is recommended to have a decent foundational experience with gel to take this class!