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3 Ways to Achieve Tortoiseshell Nail Art ASAP!

Let me guess, every year you see an article pop up like “how to get this trending tortoiseshell manicure” or “tortoiseshell nails are the next big nail trend!” As a professional nail artist of almost 10 years, I can safely tell you tortoiseshell nails are NOT going away anytime soon. So if you are looking for how to do tortoiseshell nail art or how to achieve tortoiseshell nails but worried about it going out of style, don’t.



I’m a nail artist who has been doing nails professionally since 2015 and let me tell you , in my years of doing nail art, I did tortoise shell nails on my clients at least once a month on someone no matter what the season or the year. This design has truly proven itself to be a classic and has actually held the test of time. Tortoiseshell nails are not just a trend anymore, they are here to stay. 

Pictured: The very first tortoiseshell manicure I did in 2015!


Every single year tortoiseshell nails come back around masked as a new trend when in reality , these nails have been written up the same way year after year. Check out some of these old screenshots I have of articles that have featured MY tortoiseshell nails! Pay attention to the different years they were written and how they all talk about it being a "new" or "next big" trend? 😏








I think the way it has stood the test of time is definitely because it’s just such a classic print that is of course especially prevalent in glasses/ sunglasses. I also think it’s because Tortoiseshell is in general very glam and an oddly neutral of a design so it genuinely goes with so many outfits and occasions. 


Needless to say, as a nail artist who has become well known for her tortoiseshell nails, I wanted to write this guide to show you how you can get these nails once and for all! And also give you a nail art design that will actually stand the test of time and never go out of style! No more worrying about the next top nail trend and investing so much money in something that will just disappear in a month. You are safe with tortoiseshell.


Now let’s dive into how you can easily achieve the timeless tortoiseshell nail art ASAP.


First things first, the absolute QUICKEST way to get tortoiseshell nail art on your nails, is by using my top selling Tortoise Shell Press On Nails! I designed these based on my highly written up tortoise shell nails over the years to finally give everyone access to this classic design. Because you deserve it!!!




If you want a tour on what is in this press on kit and how to properly apply them, head to this video I created to show you everything!



Second, for the professional nail techs and /or the gel nail DIYers, I created a LITERAL Tortoiseshell gel nail color. Back when I was doing so much tortoiseshell on my clients, I would fall in love with the perfect tortie color and whatever brand I would be using would discontinue it and start my journey all over again. So when I was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate on a gel line with Kokoist, I knew I needed to make an official Tortoiseshell gel nail color that I will NEVER DISCONTINUE. It’s the perfect sheer glassy orange color to give all of your tortoiseshell nails that bright, warm glow to it. No more mixing colors and getting inconsistent tortoiseshell nails every time. This color has your back.



And third, why not take it a step further and have a complete Tortoiseshell Nail Design Kit? I created this kit to give you the perfect tortoiseshell nail design EVERY TIME. The thing that makes tortoiseshell a difficult design to begin with, is literally having the wrong colors and tools to back you up. This design is filled with weird colors that you wouldn’t necessarily have in your nail kit to begin with like glassy orange, sheer brown, etc. So I decided to put all of those colors in one place for you to easily access and be set up for success every single time.

If you want to watch how I use this kit, here is a live demo I did at a nail expo to show it off.



And there you have it! If you decide to use any of these products, definitely tag me @nailthoughts because I would LOVE to see them in action! I hope you enjoy, thank you so much for reading!


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