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Hi! My name is Katie Masters also known as @nailthoughts , and as a Swiftie and a professional nail artist with her own gel line, I knew deep down that I needed to make sure other Swifties knew what gel nail color they should wear on their nails based on their favorite Midnights song. So THAT is what I have created for you today. So let’s begin with your Taylor Swift nail color reading.
 WHAT gel  NAIL color are you Taylor swift midnights
What nail color should you wear based on your favorite Taylor swift Midnights song?

ANTI- HERO: Anti heroes are usually misunderstood, & their super powers aren’t seen by all. But for those that DO see them, they ride HARD for them. So these are the anti heroes of  my nail colors. The quirky, cult classics for the ones that just…  get it. 

Taylor swift midnights anti-hero gel nail colors

Midnight Peace: A deep midnight plum color that is almost black. If black nails give off main character hero energy, then how fitting is it that Midnight Peace (a not-quite black manicure) would give off anti-hero misunderstood energy. It’s the perfect color for when midnights become your afternoons.
Dulce De Leche: Not quite true yellow, and not quite orange, Dulce De Leche is that deep, warm mustard color that a lot of people tend to not even look twice at. But for those that prefer to stare directly in the sun but never in the mirror, this gorgeous and unique yellow is made just for you.
Soft Sage: Sage nails have become SUCH a cult classic of a color for those that just…get it. Again, it’s not a true green, it’s not a dark green, it’s somewhere in the middle feeling like a monster on the hill. But no matter what,  Soft Sage will ALWAYS be alive and well because we will exhaust ourselves rooting for this anti-hero forever.

LAVENDER HAZE: these colors are for staring at the ceiling with your significant other or partner in crime, unaware of the outside world and everything around you. These colors are comfy and dreamy, yet perfectly under the radar letting you stay in your lavender haze .

Taylor swift lavender haze nail colors

Lavender Milk Bath: I mean…a Lavender Milk Bath is a literal form of a Lavender Haze. Take a dip into this milky light lavender milk bath color and feel a Lavender Haze creeping up on you everyday. You deserve this bliss on the regular!
lavender haze gel nail color lavender milk bath Taylor swift mood board
Overcast: Talk about haze, Overcast is a gorgeous milky white color that’s perfectly under the radar yet feels like you are in the clouds in your own world.
overcast milky white gel nail color Taylor swift midnights mood board
Dusk: Dusk is an amazing dusty lavender reminiscent of a beautiful sunset at dusk. The dreaminess of the purple clouds, mixed with a feeling of peace from being in the comfort of you own home staring at the ceiling with your person.
lavender gel nail color lavender haze Taylor swift midnights mood board

MIDNIGHT RAIN: This song reflects a more inward reflection on self sabotage and healing, so naturally these are moodier and more inward  colors. But Night Owl is for the little reminder that even tho sometimes we don’t feel it, our inner ~shimmer~ is always there within us.

Midnight Peace: Being a true midnight plum color, Midnight Peace is very fitting for the depth and darkness that Midnight Rain lovers can relate to. 
midnights Taylor swift mood board midnight peace gel nail colors
Boba Date: A true black gel color, is needed sometimes for those days, weeks, months, that you just don’t feel like being bright, and shiny ,and outward. It’s okay to have your self expression be moodier and less flashy colors sometimes.
Night Owl: Night Owl is a dark and moody color, however, it does have a little pizazz. This color is perfect for those that do want to feel their feelings and reflect on their past , all while reminding us that our inner ~shimmer~ is always there and it will come through even stronger when this storm ends!

MAROON: Three different reds to represent different phases/types of love.

Taylor swift midnights maroon gel nail colors 

My Favorite Red: As an amazingly bright orange-y red, this color brings the flirty, fun, no strings attached type of love. 
Rose Red- As a true classic fire engine red color, Rose Red symbolizes a solid, true foundational love. 
Movie Night- As a deep, rich, ruby maroon red gel color, this symbolizes passionate and messy love like the burgundy on my t-shirt when you splashed your wine into me.

YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN KID: Being caught between your inner child & your adult self, these colors are a love letter to your inner child that it’s okay to play. It’s okay to embrace both your inner child and adult self.

Taylor swift you're on you're own kid nail colors

Butterfly Clips: This is a beautiful and fun bright fuchsia gel color. It serves as a reminder to have fun, go put those butterfly clips in your hair, and know that you can face this!
Blue Raspberry: This is an amazingly bright pacific blue. It serves as a reminder to take the moment and taste it, because you’ve got no reason to be afraid. So go turn your tongue blue raspberry with a jolly rancher and make those friendship bracelets!


 After Hours: This is the "adult" color in this trio. This grayish lavender takes you from sprinkler splashes to fireplace ashes in the after hours. So long Daisy May, you can face this!

Taylor swift you're on your own kid mood board

QUESTION…?: For those that have mischievous, whirlwind, out of this world energy, can i ask you a question? Do you ever feel like stirring the pot a little bit? Being a lil chaotic? Because if you’re in the mood to bring that meteor strike energy then these colors are for you.

Taylor swift question gel nail colors

Mood Ring:  Mood ring is a rich, and royal, cobalt blue. Reminiscent of a mood ring, this color will perfectly compliment that mischievous mood you might be in when you decide to stir the pot with some questions.
cobalt blue gel nail polish color Taylor swift
Space Cadet: Knowing that you are the key part in that meteor strike of a fling, Space Cadet is a true royal purple to perfectly match your whirlwind energy.
true purple gel nail color Taylor swift mood board 
Intergalactic: Intergalactic is a moody, yet subtly shimmery black color. If you are the person that brings the out of this world, mischievous energy to your flings, then this sexy color is all you.
shimmer blACK GEL nail polish color Taylor swift mood board

BEJEWELED: How do you want to walk in the room? Glowy? Bejeweled? SHIMMERy? Let me help you decide.

Taylor swift bejeweled nail colors

Supernova: A gorgeous and glowy pink color. This color is PERFECT if your aura’s moonstone.
 Amethyst: This is a beautiful royal purple jelly color, so if you’re walking in the room bejeweled in gemstones, then Amethyst is your color. 
jelly purple gel nail color Taylor swift mood board
Twinkle Lights: A beyond shiny, solid silver glitter gel. This is one is obvious because a diamond’s gotta SHIIIIINE.
silver glitter gel nail polish color Taylor swift bejeweled mood board

KARMA: Easy, breezy, & sweet like honey, karma is our carefree bff. So here are the sweetest colors to help you and karma vibe like that. 

Window Breeze: This color is an amazingly relaxing pastel, baby blue gel. Imagine the feeling of a weight lifting off your shoulders and finally being able to truly enjoy that Window Breeze in your hair on the weekend.
Staycation: This is a bright and warm coral gel nail color. This is the color to wear when you know Karma is taking care of it, so you can finally sit back and enjoy your Staycation.
Honey Bun: This is an amazingly sweet brownish shimmery color. Or should I say, this color is sweet like honey.
champagne shimmer gel nail polish color Taylor swift karm mood board

MASTERMIND: Masterminds need purposeful & intentional colors.  Colors that serve a specific purpose and are no accident. 

Taylor swift mastermind nail colors

My Favorite Red: This is a very specific orange-y red gel nail color that is not like this others. This red is for knowing what you want & laying the groundwork.
Space Cadet: This is a true royal purple gel nail color. Purple is very intentional and never a color that people would pick by accident. To add to it, the name is space themed to help the stars align in your mastermind plans.
Taylor swift mastermind mood board true purple gel nail polish color
Smiley: A true yellow gel nail color. A hard color to find the perfect version of, Smiley is THE yellow that you would grab with full intention. So if all you can do is smile because you’re a mastermind, Smiley is your color.
true yellow gel nail polish color Taylor swift mastermind mood board

PARIS: Dreamy and sweet,  these colors are all about rising above the darkness, the messiness, and being in your own daydream… all while not letting any nonsense gossip ruin your vibe. These are the perfect colors to help you levitate above all the messes made.

Taylor swift Paris nail color

Parisian Bakery: A super lovely dusty rose mauve gel nail  color, Parisian Bakery is the PERFECT color to compliment your Paris daydreams. You literally won’t hear the news because you’ll be too busy in your Parisian Bakeries.
Fresh Sheets: A true white gel nail color to perfectly match your vibe of laying in fresh sheets and drawing a map on your bedroom ceiling, unaware of anything going on outside your bed.
Pink Sand: This color is a  shimmery baby pink gel nail color to transport you to pink sand beaches. Send a post card to your friends because you are somewhere else. 
baby pink shimmery gel nail Polish color Taylor swift Paris

WOULD’VE, COULD’VE, SHOULD’VE: a song about regretting & replaying the past needs grounding colors, so here are the three colors to represent three different ways to do that.

Taylor swift would've could've should've nail color

 Desert Road: This is a shimmery champagne gel nail color. The color and the name Desert Road is to help bring yourself back to the present with becoming aware of ground beneath your feet right now. You are no where else except for where you are right this second, this color will hopefully encourage that physical grounding.
 Daybreak: This is a warm rosy pink gel nail color reminiscent of a beautiful daybreak sunrise.  This color is to help remind yourself to keep looking ahead , because there will always be a new day. 
Bubblegum: This is a perfect bubblegum pink, and this color is to help you acknowledge your inner child with compassion instead of shame and regret.
bubblegum gel nail polish color Taylor swift would've could've should've

VIGILANTE SHIT: Being on your vigilante shit calls for all the sneaky darker colors.

Taylor swift vigilante shit nail color 
 Night Owl: This is a glittery, gunmetal black gel nail color. Night Owl is obviously because being on your vigilante shit can take up a lot of your midnight hours.
 After Hours: A grayish lavender gel nail color because you’ll be taking care of your secret revenge in the After Hours.
 Dark Wash Denim: This perfectly rich and true navy gel nail color is all about laying low and getting down to business in your Dark Wash Denim. Because by the time the weekend hits, you’ll be dressing for revenge.
true navy gel nail polish color vigilante shit Taylor swift


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