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You know what I am sick of? Gift guides created by robots and algorithms that literally don’t even know what regular people would WANT as a gift.

I swear, I always get STOKED on the idea of scrolling through your average “2022 gift guide for the best friend in your life this holiday season!”  and thinking I am about to get so much  gift giving inspo, then I find myself scrolling and scrolling and hit the very end of the article and think to myself…wait that’s it? That had NOTHING to do with cute gifts for my best friend that I thought I just signed up for.

THIS is why I created this blog post.

SO let me guide you through some fun and original gift giving ideas for the creative person in your life to make your gift the highlight of the season and make you feel so amazing for making your creative friend’s YEAR.   Or hey, use this list to rack up some ideas to send to your family and friends to give YOU! The world is your oyster here. Let’s do this.


CROCS AND CROCS CHARMS.  LOVE EM OR HATE EM, they are an amaaaaazing gift and let me tell you why:

  1. They are legitimately customizable with so many colors and CHARMS, so you can make them as close to your person’s personality as possible. Like????
  2. They offer CUTE sandal options for people that want the charmed out shoes, but not the classic clogs.
  3. It’s a gift that keeps on giving because now for every holiday and/or birthday you can buy all kinds of new charms based on the season or whatever is new!

Crocs are literally taking over the world and I feel like ever since they started showing off how customizable they can be with all kinds of cute and festive charms, it became impossible to hate. This is a great gift for creatives because literally you can buy charms based on your person’s personality and interests and all the sudden it’s a shoe made only for them. They can wear them as house shoes or errand shoes and they can continue to decorate them and update the charms to make completely new shoes every couple months if they wanted! Crocs started offering really cute sandals as well if you think your person is gonna be too scared of the clogs. Ease them into it with adorable sandals that will have them like “wait , these are crocs?” Here are some cute examples and inspo pics of how you can decorate the shoes for them.

You can purchase them HERE, or click each photo for the link to the specific shoes. Here is a link to the entire crocs CHARMS collection.


lime green crocs sandals

white crocs sandals with charms

white crocs clogs with charms

pink crocs clogs with charms 


Strawberry Milk merch (amazon link): How can you resist something so cute?!

If you or your friends are fans of the Nail Thoughts gel products, they might know that one of my most popular base coat colors is called Strawberry Milk Base. So naturally how could you NOT be obsessed with everything strawberry milk after that? Sweatshirt, a super cute container you can use for art brushes, cute office space rug, and even SOCKS! These socks would make a great combo with some crocs as well, not gonna lie!

cute pink merch

gift ideas for creative person 


Astrology book (amazon link): Listen, anything astrology is always fun.

  1. Astrology is perfect for the whimsical friends in your life because it’s another thing that is unique to THEM and feels a little more personal than a gift card or something.
  2.  The depths of astrology can be a little intense. But this book goes over every planet, house, and all the different signs in your chart in a super easy and digestible way that I’ve never seen before.
  3.  It wants you to write all over it and inside of it while you analyze the planets in your chart so it turns into a fun self discovery workbook!

So if your creative person is even slightly into astrology, I highly recommend this book! I’m still fairly new to the real depths of astrology but this book was AMAZING and so fun. It’s like a workbook analyzing all of the planets in your chart and it explains things so easily. It was such a quick read and truly an overall fun time. You can purchase on amazon HERE.


HUE COLOR CHANGING LIGHTS - Listen, this is a really original gift idea that doesn’t sound exciting at first but OH, IT IS. 

  1. These lights can change to 16 million different colors (I’m not kidding, haha).
  2. They come in bulbs, in light strips, in light bars, and so many other forms to get your person started on their fun light home. There are options for every home space.
  3. This is the type of gift that your person would most likely not buy for themselves but would definitely be interested in if they love tech stuff and jazzing their cozy home sanctuary or home office.

These lights are an incredible investment for creative homebodies that love their space and pride themselves on their home decor. I have gotten my parents lights for their backyard and tv and it’s my dad’s FAVORITE party trick to show off to the neighbors.

These lights are capable of being 16 million different colors (yes you heard that right) and they are all connected to your wifi and can be controlled through an app on your phone. I have slowly over the course of time, changed out all my lamps and lights to be Hue LED lights and it was the most amazing investment I’ve made for my space. I have them mounted behind my tv, in my lamp light bulbs, on my shelves,, etc. And now,, watching tv and playing games is so dreamy and honestly change my space completely.

Why not get your person started on a fun light journey? IMPORTANT: you need to get one HUE BRIDGE (that’s what connects all future lights together) then decide what lights or bulbs you would want to start them with! Don’t worry, once you get the bridge once, you are set for life. Philips does a lot of starter kit deals as well to make things easier! Possibilities are truly endless , here are some of my personal set up photos for inspo! I own the strip lights, the play bars, the blooming light, and three light bulbs.



NINTENDO SWITCH (amazon link): if your person loves connecting with their inner child, loves to play games, and needs something to take them away from their phone for a bit, why not get them a Nintendo switch?

  1. Video games are not just for kids, I promise. In this world, we all deserve fun and games at any age. I didn’t truly start playing videos games until 2020 and I am BEYOND grateful to my past self for buying myself the switch (this is an amazon link to the one that I have). By giving this gift you are giving permission to PLAY and that’s what life is all about :)
  2. The switch is the cheapest gaming console yet very high quality at the same time, and new games are ALWAYS coming out. There's also the Nintendo Switch "Lite" version that is cheaper than the original Switch!
  3.  It’s amazing for traveling because of how compact it is, yet it can also be a full screen TV gameplay experience. Note: the Switch "Lite" can only be handheld mode and not TV.
  4. The most fun I’ve had on the switch is playing two player games with my partner or with my friends that live hours away and giggling on the phone the whole time. A truly one of a kind experience.

 It’s a pricey gift but it truly is the gift that keeps on giving because of how many games they can play ! Then when you are gifting them in the future you can just buy more games for them! The switch is the cheapest of the gaming consoles and has really brought me such fun times with friends and partner all playing a silly game together etc. This console was sold out for months during the shut downs in 2020 because of people realizing how amazingly fun it is (and obviously to play animal crossing). 


If your person already has the Nintendo switch, here are some games i recommend getting them as well:

Animal Crossing - this is like sims but cuter. This is a great game for people who want a more chill take your time experience. No violence, just cute vibes, cute decor, and amazing music. I have logged more hours on this game than I care to admit!



Overcooked (1 and 2)- This is a great game for people that love fast paced cooking multitask games. I am a sucker for cooking games so I literally have played each of these twice through.


overcooked 2 on nintendo switch


Mario Kart- A  PERFECT party game. I mean you can do so many players at a time, play online with your friends, or by yourself practicing the cute courses. This game is truly a must have because it is a classic!

Paper Mario- This is a GREAT adventure style game. I’m currently playing it for the second time because I enjoyed it so much. It’s not too hard but also not too easy that you will get bored. You wander around this cute paper town trying to beat the bad guy and it’s REALLY CUTE. Something about me is I need the game to be aesthetically cute AND fun, and this game does exactly that for me.



Luigi’s Mansion 3 -This was the first “real” game I played after I started Animal Crossing. It’s SO user friendly and great for new gamers. 

Olli Olli World: THIS GAME IS SO CUTE. Literally all you do is make your avatar cute, and skateboard through all of these courses in different worlds and rack up points to unlock the next. That’s it. The music is soooo nice, the colors are beautiful, and the game is easy to figure out. 10/10.



TORTOISESHELL GEL NAIL ART DESIGN KIT - if your creative person is into some DIY gel nail art by chance, why not give them the gift of all the tools to create the classic tortoiseshell nail design?

  1. This comes with all the tools and colors necessary in one simple kit.
  2. It comes with an easy scannable tutorial for fail proof tortoiseshell nails every time.
  3. You’re literally gifting them with a whole new skill to level up their gel nail art skills! And maybe they can practice on you… so it’s like…win win for everyone involved.



If you are interested in more gift ideas for the nail enthusiast in your life, click HERE for a whole gift guide solely for nail art lovers!

If you want even more of my recommendations, head to my AMAZON STORE HERE.

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