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If you have a nail-obsessed person or even a fully licensed nail tech in your life, it might be pretty hard to buy nail polish gift sets for them. You either don't know anything about nails OR it seems like they have everything nail-related already! 

So me, being a nail tech/nail artist, I wanted to write this to hopefully guide you to start brainstorming some great out-of-the-box gel nail polish gift sets and ideas for the creative fashion and beauty-loving nail addict in your life! 

It’s funny, I remember hearing my best friend, a gel nail enthusiast, talk about always wanting specific nail products for her birthday or the holidays and her friends/ family never quite knowing what she meant. So, they would always just end up leaning on buying her nail polish gift sets she never asked for. So I promise this isn’t your typical nail art lover gift guide! 

I tried to categorize the gel nail polish gift sets with a specific type of nail lover as well since there are various kinds of nail enthusiasts. Don't worry because all the nail polish gift sets I put into this list, I independently selected. I wanted to make things as easy to understand as possible for you!

So whether YOU are the nail enthusiast and looking for things to send to your friends and family as hints, or you are the nail polish gift sets buyer that is so lost on where to even start, think of me as your personal beauty shopper for the day. Are you ready? Let's start!


ITEM: The ultimate at home manicurist kit.

I love the idea of handpicking specific items and creating little nail polish gift sets / gel polish gift sets or baskets for someone. So I thought, how satisfying and amazing would it be to give a whole fully supplied at-home nail polish station to someone?

Some of the best gifts I have ever received were hand picked and selected gift baskets tailored specifically for me. It’s SO personal and feels so much more special than pre-packaged nail polish gift sets. You get to pick literally exactly what you know they would love.

You did all the work for them on what they would need to start their new gel manicure hobby or even regular nail art hobby! You can pick and choose exactly what to put in these aesthetic and organized containers to fit their exact needs. Don't stress if you have no idea what that nail polish gift sets include, I organized all of those products and info in my Amazon store to save you stress!

Here are some great Amazon recommendations for what you would need for this gel polish and/or nail polish gift sets, and if you want any more details on what gel products to include, check this blog about gel nail supplies for DIYers!  And for how to organize the inclusions of this gift set into its own magic station, here are a few photos of what this kit could look like! These containers are also linked in my Amazon shop!





ITEM: Tortoise shell press on nails!

Getting your nails done with art and finding a nail artist near you is hard.  It's especially hard when TikTok and instagram are filled with viral nail videos and influencers with the coolest nail art. Well guess what, now you can give the gift of a perfect tortoiseshell nail art manicure kit!!!
Make your nail art enthusiast feel like the cutest influencer there ever was with the perfect tortoise shell press on nail kit. This press on nail kit comes with 30 nails of all different sizes to ensure a good fit, it comes with glue AND double sided sticky tape for two different types of wear, and of course instructions to get the perfect tortoiseshell manicure every single time. These press ons were literally designed by me, a professional nail artist and meant to finally give everyone access to fun nail art no matter where you are!


ITEM: Tinted base gels! Color and a base coat all in one!

THESE! These base gels are your new best friend, and let me tell you why! They are a three-in-one base gel: base coat, builder gel, and color. And let me tell you, doing your own nails, your client's nails, ANY nails, takes time when you are trying to make them perfect! There are so many layers involved, such as the base coat, two coats of color, maybe some art, and a top coat. These could easily take up hours of your day.

So here is the best thing—these base gels have a color BUILT INTO IT!!! It literally saves you two whole coats of color if you want a quick mani or pedi. The only thing you need to do is put this base coat on top of your prepped nails and nail tips and slap some top coat on and BOOM! A beautiful gel manicure done with little wait time!

This is perfect for professional nail artists to save time in the salon and get through a customer quicker, but it's also soooo amazing for at-home nail enthusiasts / gel nail hobbyists who don't want to spend hours doing their nails! I personally love to use them for a pedicure, so I don't have to be hunched over for too long, because we all know how awkward it can get trying to DIY a pedicure.

They are all neutral-toned and easy to put art on top of as well! There are 17 colors to choose from, OR you can get the whole gel base coat bundle that includes a clear base as well! You can use my code NT10 for a discount on all of these as well.

Here are some swatches of the gel base coats:


tinted base gel nail polish




ITEM: A complete gel starter kit of all the most popular/necessary gel colors!

Do you have a future nail tech in your life? Maybe they are in nail school, or they are a recent beauty school graduate and are looking to build their nail kit? These gel nail polish gift sets are the absolute perfect gift for them. Why? Because it's so overwhelming and stressful building your nail kit when you are first starting out. There are WAY too many options and with not much salon experience you really have no idea what colors are necessary for your kit.

So this specific gel polish gift set was made with them in mind. This color gel was designed with new nail techs in mind that are completely lost when it comes to what colors they ACTUALLY need in their gel nail kits.

I created this kit to have the top most requested and NECESSARY colors in the salon based on my and many other techs’ experiences to take all the stressful guesswork out of it. It is a high-quality Japanese product that is made to last and made with serious pigment! 

You can buy the colors in different bundles as well depending on your color preferences or buy them individually. You can get 10% savings by using the code NT10. You can purchase this gift set HERE.




ITEM: Tortoiseshell nail art design kit!

Sometimes there are nail designs that are so popular but a little difficult to find the perfect colors and right tools for. The tortoiseshell nail design is definitely in that category. This nail art is full of colors you wouldn’t use regularly on clients, so your nail fanatic might not have any of these in their nail polish sets because they never thought to invest in something like a sheer brown shade!

So if they are dying to figure out this very classic and VERY popular design and get theirs and their clients’ nails extra artsy, get them this Tortoise Shell Design Kit. On top of all of the exact and necessary tools, these gel nail polish gift sets include a full tutorial on the product page to set them up for complete success.



ITEM: Aesthetic nail product organizing containers!

If the nail-obsessed person in your life has an ever-growing collection of products whether it be at home or in the salon, then a great gift for them might be some aesthetically pleasing nail polish product organizers. These specific containers are acetone friendly and they are created by a beauty professional for other beauty professionals.

The drawers can house different bottles of nail polishes, gel polishes, and tools including nail clippers, cuticle oil, a nail file, and a cuticle pusher, among others. Everything is also stackable as well! You can find all of these wonderful nail storage gift sets on my Amazon store HERE. Or if you want more detail on what I use each container and stand for, head to my nail product organization blog post HERE.


best containers for nail products


ITEM: Gel nail art brushes!

This gel nail brush gift set is specifically for those nail fanatics in your life who prefer to wear gel, not nail polish. Good nail art brushes are hard to come by and sometimes it’s hard to actually differentiate them, so let me make this easy for you. Here is a super easy gel nail art brush KIT that includes three vegan, handmade, Japanese Kumano nail art brushes! The Detailer Brush even won Nail Pro's Reader's choice award for 2020!

These are truly made for all types of gel nail art. Click here to purchase, or click here for my blog to learn more about each brush and how to use them.


best liner brush for nail art 2021


top three nail art brushes 2021



Magnet gel has been becoming popular again in the nail world because of the "Velvet Nail" trend. It's basically a nail art trend that includes a magnet and special gel to create a really bright crushed velvet look on your nails. These gels also create amazing cat eye looks and honestly whatever your imagination can create!  Click here to purchase some very popular potted magnet gels  and don't forget to get the magnet here! If you want recommendations on what color and how to use it, here is a video that shows how to do it! 


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