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My name is Katie Masters and I am a nail artist with a private nail salon in Santa Monica, CA. Ever since the 9+ month salon shut down and the reopening ….then the next shut down, I feel like I have truly mastered the at home nail station set up. And not only that, I have gotten a little more focused and wayyy more minimal with my ACTUAL salon organization.

When all of my products are just scattered and out of place and don’t have a “home” it just adds more mess and translates to my work, so I am hoping with this blog and my organizing transformations I can help inspire you to do some fresh organizing for all of your nail product sections that are stressing you out! All of the products/containers I used will be linked throughout this blog but for an easy shortcut to all of them, click HERE for my Amazon store.


First we have my at home nail station….my personal favorite , my pride and joy. My at home nail station has gone through many transformations in the last year or so, and I am beyond happy with my final result.

at home nail office before and after

I decided to use this two piece stackable stadium container  from Amazon specifically made for beauty products. The bottom portion of this container  is large enough to hold over 20 bottled gels (or polishes) standing up in one drawer, my manicure and pedicure tools in another drawer, and it currently has around 11 of my potted gel colors (with room for double of that) in the third drawer. Both available on Amazon.


two piece nail station container


The top portion of this container (Amazon link) is a stadium style angled tray with 13 different sized slots that are perfect for holding my liquids, brushes, art supplies, and files.



Here is a quick video tour of the products I have in my station and if you are a DIYer and are confused about what products are necessary for your at home kit, click here for my blog outlining it all for you! 




Moving on to the salon organization! 

There are SO many ways you can go with this so I am going to go over a couple different drawers I have.

Here is the before photo of my main drawer that holds all of my base coats, top coats, clear gels, etc. It’s right where I sit and it’s the drawer I access multiple times during an appointment. I have been just throwing all of my base and top coats in with no rhyme or reason, I have so many half empty bottles, ancient bottles, and sample base gels I keep losing. So I needed to revamp it to help my work flow.

nail thoughts base coat drawer organizing


I ended up  using 5 containers for this drawer. I used this three pack of varied size drawer containers with one extra  of the square one, and this polish spacer. Those are all from Amazon as well!

 nail thoughts drawer organization


The polish (also lipstick) spacer is SO great for smaller average sized polish bottles. So just note that if you have more rectangle or larger square bottles (like you'll see in my finalized drawer) they might not fit. Good news is….it fits my base gels and my NT color collection perfectly... dude it has 18 spots and I have 18 colors!!! Cmon. I lucked out.



ANYWHO, So here is how I ended up organizing my drawer!


nail thoughts salon drawer organizing

nail thoughts salon organization 


And now let me show you what my potted gel color drawers look like, I found these document containers on Amazon to carry all of my potted gels. I can’t recommend these enough ESPECIALLY for the traveling nail tech that needs to constantly pack and unpack their bag from salon to house call. I never unpack these colors out of these containers, I just keep them stacked on top of each other inside my large salon drawers! Makes things so simple for my house calls. Unpacking and packing as been a dream now that I don't have to ever hand pick the colors.


nail thoughts house call organization


And finally here is my before and after of my salon liquid station that holds all of my sanitizer, cleansers, brushes, wipes, etc for easy access during clients!  It is SO much better than my crowded little bar. With the old set up I found myself reaching more and having a hard time putting things back into place and now I have this nice elevated stadium where every item has a HOME and not crowded with other things!  AND it's acetone friendly!!!!!

I put all of my liquids in these matching labelled containers to keep it cohesive and I put the liquids BEHIND the stadium and it ended up being the perfect height to create that "raising the bar" line up. Again, I bought all of these from Amazon!

 nail thoughts salon organizing

 And there ya have it folks! Hope this was satisfying and helpful and here is the link to my whole Amazon store where all of these products are organized for your browsing!

Enjoy ❤️ 

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